August 4, 2023

Marielle Bonani | 2023-08-03 20:30:26

"The guys at America Asphalt Paving did an amazing job! We are very pleased the way they graded are landscape so water would flow away form the house. It looks spectacular! Thanks!!"
May 10, 2023

2023-06-06 | 15:12:09

"Anthony Stevens of All American Asphalt (AAA) did a fantastic job sealcoating my driveway. He showed up early and began working immediately. He was very polite and professional, and covered approximately 4800 square feet in just a few hours. My driveway is like new. I will use AAA in a few years when my driveway needs another sealcoat. Great job Anthony!"
January 20, 2023

2023-03-23 | 21:40:27

"We received excellent service from them, very reliable and professional!!"
January 10, 2023

2023-01-18 | 16:36:44

"I am very satisfied with the result of the work done by this company, an impeccable finish without taking away the naturalness of the place. I liked it and recommend it, if I ever need their services, I will hire them without a doubt."
December 28, 2022

2023-01-18 | 16:36:57

"All American Asphalt really does the excellent fame. High quality, professional all around."